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LIGO India Project

I had the opportunity to attend a LIGO conference at Pune university in 2018 along with a ThoughtWorks team working on Engineering for Research ( E4R - PDF alert) .  LIGO or the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory is a super awesome, science fiction like (but really existing & operational) instrument that detects Gravitational waves (GWs, not to be confused with Gravity Waves ).  Think of LIGO like a telescope for Gravitational waves, and because GWs are so different than the light waves that optical telescopes can detect, LIGO itself does not even closely resemble a telescope.  Crash course on Gravitational Waves The ' empty ' space between planets, stars, galaxies or between two atoms that we perceive as void is actually a 3D malleable membrane.  The interaction of this membrane with mass (Higg's particles) causes it to warp, and just like throwing a stone in still water, creates ripples.  Especially, a jiggling heavy mass (black hole

GMail labs - Undo Send A brand new feature is being tested in the GMail labs. Soon, you will be able to undo message sending, sent by mistake, or if you forgot to attach a file or include an important person(read boss!) in your email. Seems like GMail would be giving a tough fight to email clients like the Micrsoft Outlook. When you get all those features in your good old web browser, why would you wish to install a heavy program for it!! The catch here is that you may undo send only within some stipulated time after you actually send a message, and that time being very short, only five seconds, I am not sure how effective would it be. But as far as my experience guides, I have observed that I catch mistakes in a sent message within a couple of seconds after clicking the SEND button. And even if you close the browser within those 5 seconds, your message will be sent anyways. So, basically GMail holds on your message for 5 seconds